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The best chiropractor in North Wales, PA for back and neck pain relief! Reenergize your mind and body, correct your body alignment, and achieve optimum health and body awareness at our facility. Cho Chiropractic offers chiropractic adjustments, Chinese acupuncture, and deep-tissue massage therapy in North Wales, PA. We can help with auto accident injuries and whiplash, work-related injuries, back pain, back spasms, arm and shoulder pain, neck pain, joint and tendon pain, and generalized pain and inflammation. We provide comprehensive treatments that combine careful adjustments, ATT spinal decompression therapy, traction therapy, manipulations, acupuncture, and deep-tissue massage therapy. These treatments can help relieve painful symptoms like back and neck pain caused by bulging / herniated discs, sciatica, pinched nerves, and spinal misalignment. We have a team of board certified chiropractic physicians to help you with your ailments and restore your well-being and alignment through careful, comprehensive chiropractic treatment. Check out our healthcare services pages to learn more!

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